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Full-translucent keycaps compatible with mechanical keyboards.
Full-color printing of your desired image on the front is possible.
The LED lights from the keyboard do not shine through.

  • Material: PBT
  • Made in China


  • Check it out before creating point keycaps, please!
  • These keycaps utilize the OEM profile.
  • Due to printing characteristics, the design on the sides might stretch and appear lighter than the original color.
  • During printing, the film may stretch, causing potential mismatches in symmetry in the vertical, horizontal by up to 0.02inch.
  • To maintain quality, try to avoid designs where the background color on the top and sides differs due to printing characteristics.
  • For some products, there might be minor scratches or white spots due to material characteristics. Please aware that these are not considered as defects.
  • Due to the nature of printing, it is difficult to produce detailed expressions such as thin lines, small letters, gradations, and elaborate 3D images.
  • Because the film stretches when printing, corners can be expressed finely brightly for dark background colors.

Pre-order Information

Keyboard Column Selection

  • Prior to placing an order, kindly ensure to verify the column layout of your keyboard.
  • Selecting an incorrect column layout could result in differences in height causing potential discomfort.


Compatibility of Keycaps

  • The keycaps used are of the OEM profile.
  • Before making a purchase, please check the coupling points on your keyboard. Keyboards without a cross-shaped (+) coupling might face usability challenges.

Precautions for Purchase

  • A purchase order made by a minor may be cancelled by the same minor or his/her guardian if his/her guardian has not consented to such purchase.
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