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A dedicated leather card wallet for McSafe, providing a convenient way to carry cards during outings.
With strong magnetism, it securely stays in place during daily activities, offering a comfortable grip with its slim 7mm thickness.
The wallet can hold up to 2 cards, and the internal clip ensures that even with just one card, it won't slip or fall out.
Designed for easy transportation, the wallet allows for contactless transportation card recognition even when attached to your phone.

  • Material: PU leather
  • Made in China


  • Compatible only with smartphones equipped with McSafe magnetic functionality, starting from iPhone 12, and McSafe cases.
  • When used with auxiliary accessories (McSafe case/magnetic ring), please check the accessory's magnetic strength beforehand, as weak magnets may cause detachment.
  • Due to product characteristics, minor irregularities in stitching are not considered defects.
  • The card insertion area may bend due to the application of heat during printing.
  • Strong friction may lead to ink splitting or peeling.
  • Due to the nature of printing, symmetry in the top, bottom, left, and right directions may not be perfect, with variances of up to 1mm.
  • Be cautious with images in the form of borders, as spacing may be asymmetrically adjusted.

Precautions for Purchase

  • A purchase order made by a minor may be cancelled by the same minor or his/her guardian if his/her guardian has not consented to such purchase.
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Size (inch)one size
Exchange / Return(Refund) Policy

All of Marpple’s products are personalized products required by customers. Therefore, we do not accept returns for refund or exchange, at the exception of items damaged in transit.
To be eligible for a refund or exchange, you must first email us within 7 days of receiving the products at with pictures of the damaged items.

Please note that design edits are only available at the stage of 'Order Placed'. During the ‘Processing’ stage, any design changes or cancellation is not available. If you need design changes after your order please contact us through our chat system or via email.

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유채* 2024.05.01
사진이 조금 어둡게 나왔어요 배송은 진짜 빨라요 일요일에 시켰는데 수요일에 도착했습니다 제작준비중이라고만 뜨길래 이번주안에는 못받을거라고 생각했는데 몇시간 뒤에보니까 갑자기 배송출발했다고 떠서 놀랐습니다! 너무너무 이뻐요.. 진짜 망가지면 이번에는 다른 디자인으로 구매 해봐야겠어요.ᐟ
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ddon*** 2024.03.07
아주 깔끔하고 좋습니다. 남편이 폰 새로하면서 케이스 맞췄는데 예비용으로 2개씩 마련했어요. 맥세이프 자석 붙이고 사용하니 충전할때나 카드케이스 없이 사용할 때나 다 편하고 아주 좋다고 합니다. 카드케이스는 카드 하나 넣으니 약간 헐렁한 것 같아서 원래 들어 있는 종이도 함께 넣어 사용중입니다~ 잘 쓸께요!
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