Product Info

It is a card tag for double-sided printing featuring vivid color expression.
This glossy-coated water-resistant card tag is not easily torn.

Paper Material

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Double-sided Glossy-Coated Duo Matte (300gsm)

  • The card tag coated with plastic film does not get wet or torn easily.
  • Its glossy surface and vivid color expression guarantee high product quality.


  • This paper product is highly sensitive to temperature and humidity, so it may be torn easily. It may be bent when kept for a long period of time. The product cannot be exchanged or refunded for this reason.
  • White areas without backgrounds won't be printed due to material characteristics.
  • Be well-informed of the instruction below before starting design.

Precautions for Purchase

  • A purchase order made by a minor may be cancelled by the same minor or his/her guardian if his/her guardian has not consented to such purchase.
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lams*** 2023.11.15
카드텍은 그냥 책갈피?느낌으로 쓰려고 주문해서 사실 별 기대 안했는데 세상에 생각보다 넘 깜찍한거있죠???완전 만족스러워서 나중에 다른 캐릭터들로 또 뽑으려구요!! \(〃´▽`)/
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