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It's Cotton Color Pouch that fits comfortably in the hand and is ideal for storing tiny items like chargers, accessories, and cosmetics.
Due to its floor surface, it offers a sufficient amount of storage space, and its easy opening and closing with a zipper finish lowers the chance of spilling or losing possessions.
It is made of a solid cotton fabric that is reasonably thick and highly durable with even stitches.

  • Materials : 100% cotton
  • Made in Korea


  • If at all possible, we recommend that you take it to a laundry.
  • Gently wipe the infected area with a dry towel that has been dampened with warm water.
  • Avoid using enzyme or bleach-based detergents.

Precautions for Purchase

  • A purchase order made by a minor may be cancelled by the same minor or his/her guardian if his/her guardian has not consented to such purchase.
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Exchange / Return(Refund) Policy

All of Marpple’s products are personalized products required by customers. Therefore, we do not accept returns for refund or exchange, at the exception of items damaged in transit.
To be eligible for a refund or exchange, you must first email us within 7 days of receiving the products at with pictures of the damaged items.

Please note that design edits are only available at the stage of 'Order Placed'. During the ‘Processing’ stage, any design changes or cancellation is not available. If you need design changes after your order please contact us through our chat system or via email.

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gjco*** 2023.10.04
너무 예쁘고 귀엽게 잘 나와서 만족스럽습니당! CMYK로 안올리고 RGB파일로 드렸는데도 색이 엄청 쨍하게 잘 나왔어요! 시원한 여름 느낌이 나서 너무 좋습니다! 덕분에 촬영 잘 했습니다~^^
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dhrg*** 2023.03.29
필통이 없어서 대신으로 쓰고있습니다 진짜 편하고 아담하고 너무좋은데.... 필통 대신으로 쓰기엔 좀 힘드네요 그래도 이 상품자체만으론 아름답네요!
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