Product Info

Paper Material

  • Both art paper and vellum paper are widely used for stickers, which are perfect for diary decoration and packing.
  • Art paper is resistant to water and not easily torn. Vellum paper has a great texture for writing.
  • If you put the sticker on a smooth surface such as metal, glass, etc., it may come off easily or stains may remain after being removed.

Art Paper (Glossy)


Art paper (non-coated) for stickers is bright pure white with a natural gloss.
It is widely used for stickers. It allows even printing quality, which offers clear color expression.

Vellum Paper (Matte)


Vellum paper (matte) for stickers features a matte, delicate texture.
It has no gloss at all on its surface. Its texture is 99% similar to that of A4 paper, which is good to write on with a pen or a pencil.

Sticker Size

The number of stickers varies depending on their size.

원형 스티커en.jpg

Precautions for Purchase

  • A purchase order made by a minor may be cancelled by the same minor or his/her guardian if his/her guardian has not consented to such purchase.
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yooy*** 2024.05.30
It's really so cute... ㅠㅠ The hard-to-pick photos look so pretty even with square stickers like this. This is my second order of stickers I personally think the glossy ones are more beautiful than the matte ones! I recommend matte for vintage colors. Generally speaking, I feel like the glossy color is more beautiful and the stickers will be less damaged...?! I was in a hurry so I contacted you via kakaotalk and you answered+processed it very quickly and kindly :) Thank you
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smil*** 2023.12.07
To commemorate the registration of copyright for the company's mascot + Ira is full of love... It's almost the end of the year, so I saved up my money and ordered it as a gift to my company! I was worried about the color because it was a png file because I was working on it for upload... but it came out so cute!! The color was a little darker, but I really liked how it looked fresh. A lot of people asked if it was going to be a series... After that, I just passed it to the CEO... and laughed. Haha.
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