Product Info

It's a four-season piece made of soft, warm material. The basic design allows for a wide range of applications.

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Manufacturer: Glimmer
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Size: XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL
  • Fit: Regular size (Unisex)
  • Elasticity: medium elasticity
  • Feel: soft touch
  • Thickness: thick material


  • The model cut may differ from the actual color depending on the shooting location.
  • This product can only be embroidered.

Washing method

  • Can be dry-cleaned or hand-washed separately.
  • Due to the nature of silk/printed products, when washing, turn the clothes inside out and wash in cold water.
  • After washing, dry it in the shade. Avoid using a dryer because it could cause the product to deform.


  • Wearing color gray/navy, size M/L, height 168, 30-24-34

Precautions for Purchase

  • A purchase order made by a minor may be cancelled by the same minor or his/her guardian if his/her guardian has not consented to such purchase.
Size chart
Sleeve Length22.823.82424.625.225.22626
Exchange / Return(Refund) Policy

All of Marpple’s products are personalized products required by customers. Therefore, we do not accept returns for refund or exchange, at the exception of items damaged in transit.
To be eligible for a refund or exchange, you must first email us within 7 days of receiving the products at with pictures of the damaged items.

Please note that design edits are only available at the stage of 'Order Placed'. During the ‘Processing’ stage, any design changes or cancellation is not available. If you need design changes after your order please contact us through our chat system or via email.

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urha** 2023.12.12
When choosing outerwear for marketing, it was nice to be able to place small orders with different materials, printing methods, logo positions, etc., and then purchase the product I liked in bulk. Thank you very much for your careful consultation regarding the color and location of the logo, and for capturing and sending separately even the one set that was inspected during the final inspection when placing a large order. I would like to join Marpple in the next goods event as well. Happy New Year to all the staff who consulted!
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e60** 2022.10.23
Should I wear thick padding when camping because it gets cold at night? I was worried, but I was able to stay very comfortable and warm with the Marpple Corporation Glimmer Reflective Fleece Jacket. Because it is a soft and warm material, it is very comfortable to wear anytime, anywhere as a basic item in spring, fall, and winter. I especially love that you can engrave any design you want.
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amal*** 2021.10.29
The attached photo shows part of the embroidery and a view from the inside of the garment (only the edges are sewn). Tips for those who want to make the clothes they want with this garment: 1. If the embroidery image is complicated, the unit price goes up. Let's choose an appropriate image. 2I had a complicated image, but it didn't cost me any additional money. Instead, Marpple edited some of the image. It was made by placing embroidery on black felt, cutting the felt into the shape of the image, and then sewing only the edges of the felt to the clothes. If it was a gray dress, it would probably have been embroidered on gray felt. 3 If you want to make the clothes you want as much as possible, keep sending and receiving emails with Marpple. I recommend email rather than phone or text. The reason is that if the image I want to make is complicated, Marpple will edit the image or I will send the edited image, but if the image quality is lost while sending it via text, I will bear the damage. 4. I exchanged about 10 emails regarding the images and it took a little over 2 weeks for the clothes to be completed. They don't send clothes that already exist, but they make them yourself, so don't complain about being late. ______________________________ Things I wish Marpple could improve: 1. The average height for women is 160-162 cm, but there are only pictures of models with a height of 168 wearing clothes, and There is no upright posture in any of the photos. I had no idea what the fit would be like when I wore the clothes, so I had to search for ‘Glimmer Reflective Fleece Jacket’ on the Internet and check the fit of models posted on other shopping malls. This model is so famous that it is often seen in other shopping malls, but I don't think it suits Marpple, which makes its own clothes (a very, very personal opinion). Even if it is unavoidable, there should at least be a photo of the model standing up straight and wearing clothes according to the person's height. In the past, at Marpple, four people with different body types (women in their 150s, women in their 160s, men in their 170s, and men in their 180s) uploaded photos wearing different sizes, so it was easy to choose the size that was right for me. 2. When designing clothes on a computer, you can't zoom in. That's it. But it works with the app
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